Tide Product Context

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  • Tide Product Context
    • designed specifically for heavy duty
    • Tide was launched in 1946 by Procter and Gamble
    • D'Arcy Masius Benton + Bowles
      • DMB+B
      • advertising agency handled their accounts throughout 1950s
      • research showed that consumers had high level of confidence in Tide
      • print and radio  advertising techniques
        • concurrently in order to build audience familiarity quickly
        • both forms used housewife character
          • alongside the ideology that the consumers 'loved' and 'adored' Tide
    • Post WWII consumer boom
      • 1950s
      • rapid development
        • new technologies for the home
          • make domestic chores easier
          • vacuum cleaners, fridge freezers, microwave ovens and washing machine
            • became desirable products
            • linked products also became popular


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