Tide: Theory - Roland Barthes

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  • Tide: Theory - Roland Barthes
    • Suspence is created through enigma - 'what women want' and euphemised by the tension building use of multiple exclamation marks
    • Semantic   code - applied to the use of hearts above the main image
      • Hearts and woman gesture have connotations of love and relatinships
        • It is connoted that this is 'what women want' (in addition to  clean laundry'
    • Hyperbole and superlatives - 'Miracle', 'World's cleanest wash', -  as well as rippling 'no other...' are used to oppose the connoted superior cleaning power of tide to its competitors
    • Symbolic code was clearly successfulProcter and Gamble's competitor products were rapidly overtaken, making Tide the brand leader by the mid-1950's


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