Threats to Henry's rule: Minor uprisings

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  • Threats to Henry's rule: Minor uprisings
    • Yorkist supporters
      • Earl of Surrey in prison before convinced he was loyal
      • Duke of Northumberland released and controlled the North
      • Written promises of loyalty from Viscount Beaumont
        • If broke, heavy fine
    • Minor uprisings 1485-86
      • Trouble in the Midlands and North
        • Staffords sought sanctuary
          • Arrested and sent to the Tower
          • Humphrey executed
          • Thomas pardoned and remained loyal
      • Trouble in Wales
        • Put down by Rhys ap Thomas
    • Rebellion in Yorkshire 1489
      • Provoked by Henry's demands for money
        • Collected as a sort of income tax to fund a campaign in Brittany
      • Rebellion lead by Sir John Egremont but defeated outside York
    • Rebellion in Cornwall 1497
      • Provoked by financial concerns
        • Heavy tax for expected invasion from James IV of Scotland
      • Lord Audley lead 15,000 men to Blackheath, London
        • Lord Daubeney met, 1000 rebels killed
        • Audley and two original leaders executed


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