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·Origins of Conflict
·Yorkist Challenge 1455-61
·Edward IV 1st reign 1461-69
·Lancastrian Challenge 1469-71
·Edward IV 2nd reign 1471-83
·Richard III 1483-85
·The Battke if Bosworth 1485…read more

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The Origins of Conflict…read more

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Long Term Causes 1450 - 61
Bastard Feudalism:
· Nobles could build up strong armed forces ­
however more for prestige than to pose threat to
the King.
· Strong Nobility could strengthen king but also
Long Term Shift In Power:
· King -> Nobility
· "new" nobles of royal blood influence over king
(cade rebellion, R DofY, Warwick and Clarence)…read more

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Henry VI
· Became Kind at a very young age ­ needed a protector.
· Pulled by teams of trained but temperamental horses
without drivers firm control and discipline.
· Very incompetent
· Led by a covetous counsel.
· Extravagance: Founding of many colleges, wasted huge
sums of money ­ very indecisive.
· Trained in the art of Kingship: Tutor (Richard
Bauchamp (Earl of Warwick) )
· Council: Agonised over issue of his education in
military. No control over Henry.…read more

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· Patronage: Showed disregard for his role in using
patronage to promote decent relations between nobles.
Lack in political skill and awareness:
· No thought for implications of his actions
· Manipulted by those closest to him.
· Making personal rather than political grants.
The Kings Resources:
· Alienating crown lands -> reducing power -> income
declining -> almost impossible for him to "live of his own".
· 1450 Act of Resumption: Commons tried to cancel various
grants of the King -> humiliating to Henry.
· 1451 2nd Act: Commons second attempt - Kings grants
were to be scrutinised. Henry refused to accept the
limitation.…read more

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Law and Order
· Henry was ready to offer pardons to those
who petitioned for them.
· He was allowed factions and liked to use the
law to further their interest.…read more

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