Thomas Cogdell

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  • Thomas Cogdell and his false confession
    • Repetition, but with emotion
      • As a sensitive 12 year old boy, he is clearly distressed at these accusing questions. He cries throughout the interview, saying that "he didn't kill [his] sister". The interviewer continues to press him, asking a myriad of question which could pin him to the crime. He cries and screams that he didn't kill her.
    • The interviewer
      • The interviewer is extremely leading - he points all of the blame towards Thomas, asking questions like "who killed her" and pointing the blame at him, saying "You killed her sister". He also answers "correct" to when Thomas says "that I killed her?", as in a question towards the interviewer - he clearly wants to get an answer or confession, false or not, out of this young boy
      • He uses the plural noun "stories" to make it seem like he has made up a fictitious story and he has been lying - he is manipulating him
        • He also says "it would be a lot better if you just tell me" - he is trying to convince Thomas that he did in fact do it, perhaps getting a false confession at the same time
    • He is very composed throughout the interview until interviewer begins to accuse him. He calls him "sir", showing his level of respect - he is calm, until that false confession
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