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Evolving English ­ Timeline

1000s ­ Beowolf
1010 ­ First recorded conversation (between a pupil and a teacher, discussing learning
1016 ­ Cnut of Denmark becomes King of England
1031 ­ `Book of Life' ­ a record of the names of members and friends of monasteries or
convents: the…

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1790s ­ William Blake (e.g. in 1794 `Songs of Innocence and Experience')
1791 Thomas Paine's Rights of Man

1807 Wordsworth ­ `I wandered lonely as a cloud'
1810s ­ Jane Austen, `Persuasion' and Mary Shelley, `Frankenstein'.
20th June 1837 ­ Victoria becomes Queen
1830s ­ Charles Dickens ­ Oliver Twist…


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