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  • themes
    • The Medea
      • death
        • in the Medea the theme of death is a punishment given out by Medea in most forms
      • Betrayel
        • after medea betrays everyone she ever loved jason goes and marries somone else
      • Punishment
        • Medea intends on killing Glauce as a punishment  for stealing jason from her
        • Medea punishes Creon (not from Antigone or Oedipus) for offering his daughter to Jason as a new wife his punishment is Glauces death
        • as punishment for jasons betrayel medea is going to kill her kids
      • Love
        • Medea's love for jason caused her to abandon her home and follow him
    • Oedipus the king
      • Blindness and sight
        • Oedipus mocks tirasius for being blind when in actual fact it is he who is blind. Blind To The Truth
          • at the end of the  play he stabs his eyes out becoming blind for real!
      • Love
      • Family
        • Oedipus turned out to be alot closer to his family than he thought
      • Fate and free will
        • It was prophecised that oedipus would kill his father and sleep with his mother so he leaves his family and on the road to his new home he gets in a scuffle and kills a man
        • Oedipus thought he could run away from fate but he was just running straight into its wide open arms
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    • Antigone
      • Death
        • Death in the antigone is displayed in 2 different ways
          • for Antigone death is a liberation, she knows she is destined to die and shes glad because it means she can see her family again
      • Family
      • Love
        • The theme of love is shown in antigone when...
          • Antigone's love for her brother means that she will go to great lengths to respect him in death
          • Ismenes love for her sister means she does not want her sister to go and get herself killed in the name of justice
      • Loyalte
        • in the antigone there are severel different types of loyalty
          • Antigone displays loyalty to the gods by wanting to bury her brother polynices
          • She shows loyalty to the dead by respecting the fact that she will join her brothers and parents if she is caught since she will be put to death
        • another form of loyalty comes from Creon as he shows a loyalty to the state.
        • Ismene  shows a loyalty to the living, She fears being caught for burying polynices and she does not want to disrespect creons rules
    • Hippolytus
      • Love
        • there is the love hippolytus has for Diana which is more of a respect for her
        • There is the LUST Phaedra feels for hippolytus
      • Women
        • Diana
        • Phaedra
        • The nurse
      • Family
        • Hippoylatus is the son of Theseus and Hippolyta the amazon queen
        • Hippolytus' step mother unwillingly begins to feel lust for Hippolytus
      • Gods and fate
        • the gods play an important role in the Hippolytus.
          • Aphrodite
          • Diana
            • Diana is the godess that hippolytus chooses to worship much to the chargin of aph


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