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Centur Style Shape Vase Painter Important
y Detail/Developme
C6th BC Black Dinos Gorgons perusing Gorgon Frontal face profile
Perseus Painter torso
C6th BC Black Dinos Wedding of Peleus Sophilos Hebe's dress shows
and Thetis vase friezes
C6th BC Black Volute Krater Francois vase Kleitias 7 Stories
C6th BC Black…

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C5th BC Red Oinochoe Boreas and Oreithyia Pan Painter Mainly Profile Heads
C5th BC Red Pelike Odysseus and Lykeon Foreshortening and ¾
Elpenor Painter views no problem.
(mannerist More Colour Used.
C5th BC Red Hydria Herakles in Meidias Curvelinear.
Hesperides Painter Individual Strands for
(mannerist Hair.

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C5th BC Male Diadoumenos Polykleitos Introduction of
contraposto, Careful
opposition of relaxed and
tensed muscles.
C4th BC Male Hermes and Praxiteles Marble used to show
Dionysus softness of flesh
C4th BC Male Apoxyomenos Lysippos Redefinition of ideal limbs
and revival of naturalism
C7th BC Female Nikandre Kore N/A Flatly Geometric,…

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Sanctuary Building Architect Century Size Order Detail
Olympia Temple to N/A C4 BC 11 x Doric Peripteral,
Metroon 21m Hexastyle by
11, Distyle in
antis porches
Olympia Temple of N/A C7th BC 19 x Doric Peripteral,
Hera 50m Hexastyle by
16, Distyle in
antis porches
Olympia Temple of Libon…

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Athens Agora Temple to Iktinos C5th BC 14 x Doric Peripteral,
Hephaestus 38m Hexastyle by
13, Distyle in
antis porches
Delphi Old Temple N/A C6th BC 28 x Doric Peripteral,
Athena of Athena 14m Hexastyle by
Pronaia 12, Distyle in
antis porches
Delphi Temple of N/A C4th BC 22 x…

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Type of Sculpture Century Building Detail
Metope Herakles and C6th BC Temple C at Selenus Carved in relief so
the Kerkopes figures protrude
Metope Heroic Cattle C6th BC Sikyonian Treasury at Flat pattern not 3D
Raid Delphi
Metope Herakles: C5th BC Zeus at Olympia Bull is better quality

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period and to temper
dignity with grace
Frieze Panethenaic C5th BC The Parthenon at Lots of levels on top
Festival: Athens of each other despite
Cavalcade being carved in relief
Frieze Panethenaic C5th BC The Parthenon at " "
Festival: Athens
Marshals and
Frieze Panethenaic C5th BC The Parthenon…


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