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62 BC - to Pompey in Asia Minor (Rome, summer): evidence for obsequious behaviour - 'I rely on you so completely'; reference to their political amisitia - 'join you as a friend as well as an ally'; reference to the

Catilinarian Conspiracy ((CC) 63 BC) - 'I have done the right thing', 'national interest', 'I have achieved things'; seeks approval of his Concordia Ordinum - 'soldier and statesmen'.

59 BC - to Atticus on his way to Epirus (Rome, Jun/Jul): discussion of the political situation, and gerneral discontent with the Triumvirate - 'anxious suspense', 'everyone groans at the political situation', 'muzzled', 'oppression'; fear of a dictatorship - 'free for much longer'; discontent with how he's acted, lessening auctoritas and dignitas and his Concordia Ordinum falling apart - 'I am disgusted with myself'; evidence for his vacillating personality - 'I do not know what to do'; discussion of Caesar's offers - 'join his staff' which he's 'keeping in reserve', 'mission at state expense'.

58 BC - to Terentia (Thessalonica, November): refers to Terentia's capable behaviour, which eventually causes their divorce in 46 BC due to his jealousy - 'brave and strong'; reference to Cato and the die hard Optimates - 'jealous of me'; refusal of Caesar's offers - 'I refused to join them'; discussion of his overall mood - 'despair', 'my tears'; reference to his relationship with Tullia - 'darling'; evidence for superstition in his culture - 'fair share of luck'.

56 BC - to Atticus (Antium, May): refers to the Lucca Conference - 'I have nibbled enough at the bitter pill and must now swallow it'; refers to the Triumvirs behaviour - 'treacherous behaviour.

53 BC - to Curio (Rome, mid 53 BC): reference to anarchy, gang warfare and no magistrates being elected apart from Tribunes in 54 BC in Rome - 'in these times'.

51 BC - to Atticus (Minturnae, 5/6th May): reference to Cicero's forced Governorship - 'unhappy separation'; evidence for their relationship - 'affection and regard... quite unlimited'.

50 BC - to Caelius Rufus (Laodicea, 4th April): boredom in the province - ' my province, on the other hand, completely bores me'; feels he deserves more - 'distinction', 'unworthy of my capacities'; dramaticising his war against the Parthians (his fears) - 'horror of a major war'; concern for having his governorship extended - 'extraordinarily nervous'; discussion of panthers for Caelius' Aedileship (lies) - 'complain... only living creatures for whom traps are laid'; uses Caelius as a political informant because he is 'more reliable'.

50 BC - to Tiro (Leucas, 7th November): concern for his health - 'very upset'; views him as a family member so he should be treated as one - 'spare no expense', no means satisfied'; values his help - 'the services you have done me'; evidence for their relationship - 'my dear Tiro'.

49 BC - to Cicero from Pompey (Canusium, 20th February): flatters Cicero in address - 'general'; reference of Catilianarian Conspiracy - 'courage of old', 'national interest'; Caesar marching onto Italy- 'sorely afflicted country'; general flattery - 'we can plan together'.

49 BC - to


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