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Virgil and the World of the Hero
Revision Booklet

Kieran Gates

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Virgil and the world of a Hero
Glossary of Themes:
Honour and Reputation



Role of the Gods

The Power of Fate


Aeneas' Role in Rome's Imperial Destiny

Moral Values

Propaganda/Augustan Reign

Greek Heroic code:

Kleos ­ `Glory'
Time ­ `honour'
Menos ­ `might'
Thumos ­ `enthusiasm for…

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The Aeneid
Book Quote Theme?
Book 1 `So heavy was the cost of founding the roman Pietas
Book 1 `How can there be so much anger in the Gods
hearts of the heavenly gods'
Book 1 `A great pounding they took by land and sea Pietas, Gods
at the…

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Book 7 `They made no delay, but hastened to do as Leadership, Not Ratia
they were bidden, whilst Aeneas himself was
marking out the lines of his walls'
Book 7 `The fearsome goddess flew down to earth Gods
and roused Allecto, bringer of grief, from the
eternal darkness'
Book 7…

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Book 12 `Troy has fallen. Let it lie, Troy and the name Gods, Fate, Nationalism, Future
of Troy.' of Rome
Book 12 `He had no sense of running or going, of Aidos, War, Inferiority, Fate
lifting or moving the huge rock. His knees
gave way.'
Book 12 `Turnus began to…

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Thinking of his own father Aeneas returns home to get his family out as quickly as he could, at
first Anchises says no but when he sees the omen of Iulus' hair on fire he agrees to leave and
they head out.
As they are leaving the city, Creusa disappears…

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Aeneas lands in Latium and sends his men off to speak to the king about joining their peoples
together; in the meantime Aeneas is building his city walls pre-emptively. King Latinus is
welcoming of the new visitors as there have been omens of a foreigner coming to marry his

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Book 12: Truce and Duel

The book starts with Latinus warning Turnus not to fight as he is fated not to win but he
decides to go and fight anyway but that they should fight in a duel rather than loose the lives
of anyone else.
The treaty is made…

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The Iliad
Book Quote Themes?
Book 6 `You are the best at both Leadership
fighting and planning'
Book 6 `Spurring them to right and War
rousing their spirit for grim
Book 6 `Always to be bravest and Greek Heroism, Kleos, Aidos
best... and not bring disgrace
on the stock…

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Book 18 `It will be your disgrace if he Underworld, Death, War, Kalos
goes down to the dead Thanatos
Book 18 `Such is the violence of his War, Aristea, Violentia
Book 18 `Placing his murderous hands War, Simile
on the breast of his companion
and moaning incessantly, like…


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