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Classics revision stuff
Oedipus Rex
Oedipus is born to Laius and Jocasta (the king and queen of Thebes)
They are given a terrible prophecy prior to his birth that he will kill his father and marry his
mother so they ask a sheep herder on mount Cithaeron to tie…

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Polybus, he was supposed to be killed by his son but was killed by `a group of thieves' at
the crossroad leaving one survivor.
Oedipus see's (symbolic) similarities with Jocasta's story and his encounter at the
crossroads and starts to suspect that he may have killed Laius. He calls for…

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getting him to ignore the prophecy). This can also be seen as the matrimonial relationship
however, it depends on the reader's perspective.
OEDIPUS AND CREON ­ Not as important as other relationships because Creon's character is
replaceable (he is mainly the informant of the prophecy). What is interesting is looking…

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Following the story of Oedipus Rex (and Oedipus at Colonus) we find a war between
Thebes and Argos has broken out.
Polynices fights for Argos and Etocles fights for Thebes.
Prior to the play, the sons of Oedipus die by each other's hand.
Creon is now king of…

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Analysis, Relationships and Themes

GENDER ­ Contextually and thematically huge in Antigone. The Gender divide shown in Antigone
is best exemplified by Ismene ­ the contextual, average Greek woman. Submissive to men and
breaking the law ­ and Antigone ­ the determined male-like woman who defied the social norm to…

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Medea has left her home to help Jason's quest for the Golden Fleece. In doing so she
betrayed her family, killed her brother etc...
She arrived in Iolkos where they intended to stay but convinced the daughters of the king
(Jason's uncle Pelias) to kill the king and…

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Analysis, Relationships and Themes

GENDER ­ possibly the most important theme in Antigone. The gender role in the play is almost
reversed with Antigone reaching heights that other women, especially of the time, could not
reach. Also, Jason's role is somewhat a women oriented role as he is the powerless…

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Phaedra laments her situation but refuses to talk to anyone about it. She is refusing to eat
or sleep because of it.
The nurse goes and speaks to Phaedra who finally makes Phaedra admit that she is sick
with love for Hippolytus. She says she plans to starve herself in…

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in the process. This may be due to the fact that both she and the Nurse may be agents of
Aphrodite but this is debated.

SEXUAL REPRESSION VS SEXUAL EXPRESSION ­ Hippolytus is the archetypal sexually repressed
young man and therefore acts misogynistic towards women because he is not sure…




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