The Split of the Social Democrats

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  • The Split of the Social Democrats
    • Bolsheviks
      • Led by Lenin
      • Favoured a revolutionary elite to direct the uneducated masses
      • Practical
      • Act now!
      • One revolution ASAP
      • Democratic Centralism
        • Notion by Lenin that true democracy lay in obedience of members to authority + instructions of leaders
      • No co-operation with other parties
    • Mensheviks
      • Led by Plekhanov and Martov
      • Concerned more with debate and theory
      • Intellectuals
      • Procrastinators
      • More interested in reform than revolution
      • Organisation open to the masses
      • Fully democratic: one member, one vote
      • Works with other revs and Trade Unions to ensure reform
    • "We cannot be guided by the mood of the masses; that is changeable and unaccountable. The masses have given their confidence to the Bolsheviks and ask from them not words but deeds" Lenin
    • Different personality, ideology, party structure and strategy


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