1905 Revolution - Opposition groups


Opposition groups

  • Liberals
  • Marxists
  • Populists


  • Essentially a middle class ideology
  • Support base in 1800's was limited
  • Wanted reform but opposed socialists calls to eliminate private enterprise
  • Main goals - constitution, democratic elections, representitive institutions with real power, basic rights and freedom
  • Opposed autocracy
  • Non-violent methods to bring about change
  • Union of Liberation - formed in 1904
  • After revolution the Liberals divided into 2 different groups (the Octobrists and Kadets)
  • Constituent Democratic Party (Kadets) - more radical liberals, formed in 1905
  • Octobrists - moderate liberals, formed in 1905
  • Kadets saw the October Manifesto as the beginiing not end of political reform
  • Octobrists saw the October Manifesto as the limit of constitutional change


  • Believed…


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