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The SNCC had formed the MFDP, their goal was to create an official, legally constructed political party that could challenge the hegemony of Mississippi's regular democratic party which excluded blacks from becoming members.

Aims (key events):

  • The MFDP wanted to challenge the state's regular Democratic Party, their prime target was the democratic convention in August 1964 (this is where the party would nominate LBJ as a presidential candidate).
  • They wanted to represent the democrats at the convention rather than the normal democrats for Mississippi. The head of the DC and VP of the ADA suggested he would seat them at the convention.
  • Wanted to fight the president on this - 64 blacks and 4 whites were the delegation.
  • THE MAIN GOAL - to get the MFDP delegation deated at the convention instead of the white Mississippians - they needed to convince 11 of the more than 100 members to put the vote forward to the convention floor. They needed a roll call vote not a voice vote to ensure it was not rigged by the Presidents men.
  • They needed to prepare a testimony- the MDP began an attack, they tried to suggest the MFDP should be banned.
  • Fannie Lou Hamer was the start on the first day - lots of media coverage.
  • Fannie Lou Hamer continued and snuck in (using tickets from sympathizers) and sat in the free seats for the MDP, guards soon arrived to haul them out.
  • They marched in…


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