Opposition to the Tsar

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  • Opposition to the Tsar
    • Liberals (split in 1905)
      • Octoberists
        • Wanted slow, gradual reform from the Tsar and hoped to co-operate with the government in ruling the Empire
        • Made up from mainly rich landowners and industrialists
        • Feares the "dark masses"
      • Kadets
        • Wanted faster reform and a British style parliament that would bring Russia up to date
        • Wanted the Tsar to be a Constitutional Monarch
        • Support came from lawyers, doctors and professionals-very little from peasants
    • Social Revolutionaries
      • Formed in 1901 by Chernov and were an alliance of populist groups
      • They wanted to abolish landownership and return the land to those who worked on it
      • SRs had big support from the peasants but not much from other social groups
      • Most extreme SRs rejected the Duma and wanted revolution
      • The SRs were too diverse and had too many ideas to have a widespread support base
    • Social Democrats
      • Formed in 1897 by Plekhanov and were greatly influenced by Marx
      • Split in 1903 over the path they should follow
      • Mensheviks
        • Believed a bourgeoisie revolution was needed before a social revolution
        • Believed they should co-operate with other parties
      • Bolsheviks
        • Led by Lenin
        • Believed revolution should be led by one centralised party
        • Felt the bourgeoisie were to weak to dstroy the old order


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