The Role of an Environmental Health Officer

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  • Discuss the role of an EHO when carrying out a routine visit. (10 marks)
    • Check on safe layout of equipment.
    • Check floor, wall and work surfaces are non-permeable /easy clean.
    • Advise on legislation.
    • Appropriate equipment for food storage, preparation and cooking.
    • Fridges and freezers operate at correct temperatures - check log book.
    • Hot cupboards and surfaces operate at correct temperatures
    • Separate hand washing facilities.
    • Cleaning schedules and procedures.
    • Ambient food storage - shelving, air flow, temperatures.
    • Pest control procedures, looking for infestation, potential infestations.
    • Check staff hygiene - whites, hair covered/tied back, no nail polish,jewellery, perfume, BO,flat closed-in shoes.
    • Able to give training to staff/advise on staff training.


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