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  • Auden context
    • Early life
      • Father was a medical officer and a psychologist
      • Mother was a devout Anglican (member of the Church of England)
      • Disliked Romantic poetry
      • Grew up in an industrial area
      • Attended Oxford University
    • Poetic themes and techniques
      • Riddle-like and clinical
      • Applied concepts and science to traditional verse forms and metrical patterns
      • Symbols and reality
      • World War II had soured him to politics and warmed him to morality and spirituality
    • Religion
      • Saw imposition of religion on children as absurd
      • Abandoned Christianity for 7 years before returning
      • Moral language of Christianity
        • 'You shall love your crooked neighbour/with your crooked heart'
      • Felt a lot of guilt for his homosexuality in the 1930's and growing up he thought homosexuality was an illness
        • Tried to have a heterosexual relationship but saw it as a sin as it was inherently unequal
    • Modernism
      • Self-conscious
      • Often political or social agendas behind the works
      • Auden was one of the first poets to introduce scientific and psychological concepts/terminology into his poetry
    • Love
      • Married Erika Mann so she could flee Nazi Germany (not in love)
      • 'The More Loving One' poem
        • 'Let the more loving one be me'
          • Kallman's betrayal of Auden
      • Isherwood said they had a 'telepathic understanding' of each other
      • With Chester Kallman for 35 years




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