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Ao2: Narrative Technique

Ao3: Ideas behind poetry

Ao4: Context:


Summary: In wartime, soldiers discuss the enemy, the origins of the conflict and the
patriotism of their side. They appear to be preparing for a decisive battle, but they
seem to be close to defeat.

Traditional verse form…

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Aspects of Narrative:
Refers back to the origins of the conflict
Refers to the stories that the soldiers have heard about their nation's history.
Deals with a time in which something is about to happen.

Ao2: Narrative Technique (Auden asks questions unlike most)
Stanza 5
Symbolic of the greater man…

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Stanza 5:

The world has become its grievances
Embedded within our history, the state of perpetual violence/competition

Stanza 7:

Everything about childhood; power/conquering
Easy belief that man and God are on the same size; is Auden questioning that
we are wrong to think this?

Stanza 8:

Naïve to think our…

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Ao4: Context:
Stanza 2:
"tall white Gods"

Stanza 6:

Auden; reflects him as he is the opposite of the stereotypical male.

Stanza 7:

Militaristic indoctrination
Linked marching with religion?
Boys required to fight- but why?


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