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Ao2: Narrative Technique

Ao3: Ideas behind poetry

Ao4: Context:

O What Is That Sound?

Summary: Two unnamed people discuss the movements of a group of soldiers,
wondering where they are heading. Eventually, it becomes clear that the soldiers are
making for the place where the two people are, and…

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There is a story here, which develops through a series of thwarted hopes.
It operates around the misunderstandings of two witnesses.
It ends with a sense of violence.
We begin to understand the characters in different ways as the story

Ao2: Narrative Technique:
Stanza 1:
Structure; excitement ­ menacing-…

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Stanza 8:

Increasing panic is reflected in short sentence length
Verse form broken up (rhythmically) by caesura

Stanza 9:

Dynamic verbs of violence
Symbolic of shattered life of people in war
Sense of aggression, ferocity, tension of war
"boots are heavy" links to the last line of the 2nd stanza…


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