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As I Walked One Evening


Love, the effect on love caused by time, and most importantly the
inevitability of death could all be said to be the theme of this poem. The
latter of the three seem to…

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The song of the lover demonstrates romantic idealism. The lover insists
that their love exists outside of time, or rather in defiance of it:

I'll love you, dear, I'll love you
Till China and Africa meet,
And the river jumps over the mountain
And the salmon sing in the street.…

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The clocks seem to speak for time, but in fact they represent the human
marking of time. Time exists as a continuum, but clocks take the concept
of time and force a structure on it. In this way, the clocks speak for time
far less than they speak for society's…

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his life, gaining U.S. citizenship in 1946. There he met a fellow poet,
Chester Kallman. Kallman became his companion, and, for all intents and
purposes, their relationship was more of a marriage than his relationship
with Erika Mann ever would be ("Historic Figures: WH Auden").

It would not be unreasonable…

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These people will pass, leaving no evidence of their ever having been, but
the river remains the same as ever, just as time will run constantly well
before and after we are around to see it. But the river is "brimming" and
"deep," so rather than being nihilistic, it is…

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Midtown bar. Auden pictures himself in the dive when the first day of
World War II was ending in Europe, which is 6-8 hours ahead of New York.
I mention the time lag because he views that infamous day in global
perspective: "Waves of anger and fear/ Circulate over the…

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And what dictators do,
The elderly rubbish they talk
To an apathetic grave ...
Thucydides was unjustly exiled from democratic Athens for a military
failure, at which he point he wrote his great history of the Peloponnesian
War that contains Pericles' paean to democracy (the strongest
pro-democratic statement of ancient…

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Each human beings wants the benefits of romance (sex, and the exclusive
concern of another person) without the ethical requirements of loving
back and loving everyone.
Stanza 7 depicts "dense commuters" coming out of the "conservative
dark" (the bedroom? the subway?) into the "ethical life" of public
behavior and speech,…

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poem right after Sept. 11, 2001, they demonstrated that Auden had come
close to sloganeering.
That is the critique­one that Auden himself made very strongly in later
years. But here is the defense: Auden wrote, "We must love one another
or die" not because it expressed the most accurate moral…

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poem "Victor" (about a religious murderer) was originally
to be sung to the tune of "Frankie and Johnny",


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