Musee des Beaux Arts: Overall Analysis

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  • 'museum of fine arts' - refers to a museum in Brussels visited by Auden in 1938.
  • eleborate, elegant French phrase - platanyl out of place with the poem's homely, plain language and rustic landscape/seeming formlessness
    • Auden questions the ability of art to amtter in a world of disinterest and apathy.
  • ALSO:
    • the title refers to a where art is displayed
    • Art glorifies - even horrific content can be perceived to be beautiful - fitting with key message that suffering is ignored.
  • Written in 1938/39 - start of WW2.
  • Key theme is the universal difference to human misfortune and suffering.
  • Link to historical context:
    • Rising facism and the coming WW2 - saw many people in Europe slaughtered and


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