The realities of War

One of the 6 themes for the contextual linking question.

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  • The realities of war
    • Prose
      • Birdsong
        • "within two hours they had blown Byrne's head, bit by bit, off his body so that only a hole remained between his shoulders."
          • Horrific description from the battle of the Somme in Birdsong
        • "So much muscle and blood in the earth"
    • Drama
      • Journey's End
        • "Couldn't bear being fully conscious all the time"
          • He had to drink to go out and face the war
        • "You think there's no limit to what a man can bear?"
          • Effects of losing a close comerade
        • "She doesn't know that if I went up those steps into the front line without being doped with whiskey I'd go mad with fright"
          • Stanhope speaking about facing war and how he doesn't want his girlfriend to know he isn't this hero she perceives him as
      • Blackadder
        • "Our soldiers fade away"
        • "A war which would be a damn sight simpler if we just stayed in England and shot fifty thousand of our men a week."
      • Oh What a Lovely War
        • "This is not war sir, it's slaughter"
    • Poetry
      • Exposure (Owen)
      • The Sentry (Owen)


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