Themes in WWI Poetry

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  • Themes in WWI Poetry
    • Realities of war
      • Dulce et Decorum est
        • "Bent double like old beggars... coughing like hags"
      • The Dug-Out
        • "One arm bent across your sullen, cold exhausted face"
      • Winter Warfare
        • "Toes to frozen boot"
    • Politics of war
      • High Wood
        • "This is an unknown British officer"
      • Concert Party: Busseboom
        • "To this new concert, white we stood"
      • Recruiting
        • "Fat civilians wishing they 'could go and fight the Hun.'"
    • Glory of war
      • Happy is England Now
        • "Grief itself is proud"
      • From Men Who March Away
        • "Victory crowns the just"
      • From The Fourth of August
        • "In the hour of peril purified"
    • Comradeship
      • In Memoriam
        • "I had fifty sons"
      • Two Fusiliers
        • "To bind our lovely friendship fast, by firmer stuff close bound enough"


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