Up the line to death and scars upon my heart summing up

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Short sentences summing up the poems
Up the line to death
Channel firing ­ about how the sounds of guns being tested wake the dead, disappointed in
humanity always at war.
Happy is England now
Happy is England now ­ About the whole nation rejoicing because the war will fulfil them
The call ­ about how people who lived happy easy lives before are now going to be happier
because now they have a purpose (war)
England to her sons ­ about England being the mother of all the English soldiers gives them
out to the war but knows they'll return to her
Peace ­ about get rid of all your past and finding purification in war
Tipperary Days
Untitled ­ The world is coming alive because of war worse that can happen is you die a
glorious death
Soliloquy ­ Finding more meaning being a nameless soldier in the war than being a famous
Before action ­ About a man who is scared he won't be able to die a `good death'
Rendezvous- About a man who doesn't want to die but knows he has a meeting with death
and he won't fail it
This is no petty case of right or wrong- About fighting out of love for country not
propaganda + resilience of England
Millions of the mouthless dead ­ How all glory bestowed upon dead people means nothing
only people at home comforting themselves
The dead ­ Death being pure, precious, fulfilling
In Flanders field ­ the dead reminding soldiers what happened to them telling soldiers to
continue their fight
To unknown lands
An Irish airman foresees his death - An airman who doesn't care about the politics behind
war knows he will die doing what he loves but thinks it's worth
Nineteen-fifteen ­ About nature mocking humans for creating war
Deaths kingdom
From the Somme ­ About a soldier who used to sing be silenced by horrors of war
Breakfast ­ about how fast life can end in war
The Deserter ­ About a man being killed for deserting
Winter warfare ­ personification of winter elements common enemy
To my daughter Betty ­ A soldier explaining to his daughter he went to fight in war for his
The general ­ About how generals have bad strategy's in attack
The dug out ­ not wanting to see one of his men sleeping because he looks like he's dead
Returning, we hear the larks ­ About how unusual it is to hear something beautiful used to
hearing bombs + fearing death
Break of day in the trenches ­ how a rat can go to any side it wants
A bitter taste

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Base details ­ Critical of majors who can die comfortably in bed
Blighters ­ Realities of the tanks
O, Jesus make it stop
Anthem for doomed youth ­ how soldiers that die at war don't get funerals
Exposure ­ slowly dying from cold always waiting for something to happen but it never does
The sentry ­ About a soldier who had been hit by a bomb in sentry
Strange meeting ­ meeting a man he killed a day ago
Dulce et Decorum est ­ Seeing…read more


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