The Product Life Cycle Assessment

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  • The Product Life Cycle Assessment
    • Manufacture
      • Uses a  lot of energy and other resources
      • Creates a lot of pollution
      • We also need to consider how the waste produced is disposed of.
    • Using the product
      • Using the product can damage the environment.
      • If electricity is needed for it to work fossil fuels are burnt. Paint gives off toxic fumes.
    • Choice of material
      • Hardwoods come from rainforests. Felling the trees disrupts the environment and the people. They also take a long to time to grow when replanted.
      • Softwoods are more sustainable - they are often from managed plantations and they grow quicker than hardwoods
      • Extracting and mining metal uses a lot of energy and damages the environment.
      • Plastics are made from crude oil - a finite source. They require a lot of energy to make.
      • Recycled wood is better for the environment.
    • Product disposal
      • Most things are dumped into landfill when they have been used.
      • This takes up space and pollutes the land


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