Health and Safety

Cards about health and safety, for resistant materials GCSE

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Social and Environmental Issues

Human costs:

  • employees need good working conditions e.g. safe machinery, avoiding child labour
  • social, cultural or religious groups may be offended by the product e.g. a t-shirt slogan

Environmental costs:

  • life cycle assessment (LCA) looks at each stage of life of a product

Choice of materials:

  • hardwoods - natural rainforests = destroying habitats
  • softwoods = greener choice, managed plantations
  • metals - have to be minede + extracted from ores
  • plastics - made using crude oil = finite resource
  • lots of energy + pollution is caused :(
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Environmental costs LAC continued...


  • uses a lot of energy + other resources
  • = pollution
  • need to think of waste material + how to dispose

Using the product

  • electrical products use electricity generated by burning fossil fuels
  • paint gives off toxic fumes

Product Disposal

  • often disposed in a landfill
  • takes up space + pollutes land + water

Think of the life expectancy of the product, i.e. pens = short = cheap materials, small no of compponents

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The 6 Rs

  • reduce - making lon-lasting, durable product (e.g. rechargeable batteries) reduces the number of products customers need to buy, also results in a cut down of energy + transport used by the manufacturers
  • reuse - extend a product's life by giving to someone else or using it for something else
  • recycle - uses less energy than making it again from scratch
  • rethink - think about the best way to design the product before you make it
  • repair - better to fix than throw away! manufacturers sell replacement parts - think of make your product with components so this is easier
  • refuse - you can refuse buying a product if you think it's wasteful
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Health and Safety

  • wear the right clothes
    • face mask
    • goggles
    • protective gloves
    • apron
    • face shields
    • gauntlets
    • spats
  • tuck loose things in, tie, hair, sleeves, apron strings etc.
  • avoid tripping hazards + clean up spillages straight away
  • remove chuck keys before switching on
  • make sure safety guard is in place
  • never leave machines unattended on
  • appropriate ventilation
  • make sure there are no distractions/ no-one will knock you
  • be aware, when carrying long pieces of material, of others
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