The 6 R's

The 6 R's

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  • The 6 R's
    • Recycle
      • Materials that can be recycled – primary, secondary and tertiary.
        • Tertiary:Completely breaking down a product then turning it into a completely new product. E.g turing car tyre into a pensil case
      • Products that use recycled materials.
        • E.g MDF, Acrylic, Polystyrene
      • Disassembly – reprocessing materials for use in new products.
    • Re-use
      • Products that can be adapted to suit an alternative use.
      • Products that can be reused for either the same or a new purpose.
    • Reduce
      • Life cycle of a product(s)/Eco footprint.
        • EcO footprint:measures how much is needed to produce the resources we consume and dispose of our waste.
      • Built-in obsolescence.
        • Obseolescence: is a policy of planning or designing a product with a limited useful life
      • Materials – waste.
    • Refuse
      • Issues relating to sustainable design.
        • this means not accepting things that are not the best option for the environment. For example, is the packaging really needed?
      • Materials we should refuse to use. eg that release toxic fumes
    • Rethink
      • How it is possible to approach design problems differently.
      • An existing product that has become waste, e.g. utilising the materials or components for another purpose without processing it.
    • Repair
      • Products that can/cannot be repaired.
        • Can the design include components that can be replaced rather than allowing the entireproduct to be unusable


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