Resistant Material Technology Gadget Tidy Coursework

Obviously, this will not help anyone until the beginning of September when they begin their RMT coursework. Actually it might help some people as I started my coursework around June time in year 10. 

I preferred to do all of my work digitally, and this is true for all images. I drew them on paper and then scanned them onto the pc. This is all true except for the orthographic drawing, as I did not have an A3 scanner and neither did my school. 

So please do not copy this, because I have handed this in as my coursework. Please do not steal ideas, text, images from this document because I have spent literally hours working on this and I am very proud of this. Remember when people say when they are trying to get you to do some work, they say that you will feel proud once you've finished it, it may sound like complete bullshit but its true =p So do your own work!

I dont want to say my result, but I did get an A*. Hopefully someone will find some help in looking at this, a lot of my friends kept calling me up asking me for help for what to write and where haha. Please leave a comment!


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