Resistant Material Technology Gadget Tidy Coursework

Obviously, this will not help anyone until the beginning of September when they begin their RMT coursework. Actually it might help some people as I started my coursework around June time in year 10. 

I preferred to do all of my work digitally, and this is true for all images. I drew them on paper and then scanned them onto the pc. This is all true except for the orthographic drawing, as I did not have an A3 scanner and neither did my school. 

So please do not copy this, because I have handed this in as my coursework. Please do not steal ideas, text, images from this document because I have spent literally hours working on this and I am very proud of this. Remember when people say when they are trying to get you to do some work, they say that you will feel proud once you've finished it, it may sound like complete bullshit but its true =p So do your own work!

I dont want to say my result, but I did get an A*. Hopefully someone will find some help in looking at this, a lot of my friends kept calling me up asking me for help for what to write and where haha. Please leave a comment!

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Candidate No.0102 Slough Grammar School School No. 51427

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Context: Sharks
Our lifestyles are hanging rapidly. Our homes contain an every increasing range of Mice Landscapes
gadgets and equipment. It is fashionable to have multi-functional living spaces. We Wolves Colours
Zebra Pencil
need creative, innovative products to help us organise our lives.…read more

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Target Market and Requirements The most common
My intended target market is teenagers, of ages 13 -18. At this age, teenagers would places the product
could be used from:
have numerous gadgets and gizmos left astray in their room. This unisex product hung from a wall, on
the floor, hung from the
would organise these products whether they be mobile phones, mp3 players or ceiling, and on a table.
various chargers and cables.…read more

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Mobile Phone Holder Bookcase/CD case Mobile Phone/Digital Media Device Holder
This product's function is to hold mobile phones and other small items such as This product's function is to hold books, DVD cases and CD cases. The This product's function is to hold mobile phones/mp3/mp4/iPods.
pens/pencils and other small stationary items. I think it does this quite well bottom layers are much taller than the above. This is because they are There is a clear problem associated with this product.…read more

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These are all products of the various temporary stor-
age solutions to various digital devices and their ca-
bles and/or charger cables. They are based on many
different designs and shapes.
I have discovered that many stylish products can be
made from very cheap materials using simple yet ef-
fective designs.…read more

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Technical Information Situation
Length of table: 1500mm
Height of plug: 50mm Width of table: 750mm
Width of plug (at the widest point): 50mm
Depth of plug (including rectangular pins): 43mm Maximum length of product: 500mm
Maximum width of product: 250mm
Every measurement has to be in- Height of earphone: 35mm
creased by several millimetres to in- Width of earphone: 16mm
crease wiggle room. This is to ac- The product would have to be quite
Depth of earphone: 14mm
count for anomalous measurements.…read more

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Specification--Part One Part Two
~ Target market ~ Performance
The target market will include nearly all ages above 14 years old. This is because at the age The design will be portable so it will give the customer the option for the location of this
of 14, teenagers are beginning their most important years in GCSE. This requires a high or- device.…read more

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I chose these images be-
cause of the symmetrical and
attractive features of the pat-
terns and the textures. All these
images are to do with art Deco.
The designs with linear
lines with simple but beautiful
features are the best. However
this does not exclude the rest
to the garbage. The repeated
patterns are appealing to the
Some nice colour
schemes are the black-white
images, more are the purple
images with different shades.
Shirsendu Podder 10G Candidate No.0102 Slough Grammar School School No.…read more

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Among my seven ideas, I believe I included a variety of shapes in different concepts
from the musical instrument (above) , to the animal (top right). There is an abstract
design (top left) designed to go with a natural theme and to be situated in a room with
mostly wooden furniture and textures.…read more

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Idea One Idea Two
Metal Bars
Timberwood Hook for Keys Stand
Hole goes com-
pletely through
to hang up
against the wall
Shelving for
Space for
small items
Plugs and
Pull-out drawers
Earphones Hole goes
Wooden Handles
Metal completely
through the
Wooden frame
Wooden Stand Flat base--situated
on the floor
Plastic Boundries--for small
items such as: keys, stationary)
Shelving inside
This product's functions includes designated areas for keys, stationary, mobile phones, wires + plugs, headphones + ear-
phones, and mp3…read more


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