The Kite Runner

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  • The Kite Runner
    • Characters
      • Amir
        • Untitled
      • Hassan
        • Untitled
      • Baba
        • Amir thinks that Baba hates him for "killing" his mother
        • Reflects that he never really had a connection with his Baba
          • Untitled
        • Teaches Amir that the single worst sin is "theft"= this speach turns out to be irronic
      • Rahim Khan
      • Female characters
        • Barely mentioned/ given voice to= shows the lack of power that women had in Afghanistan at this point
        • Main women mentioned are the two mothers of Amir and Hassan, the woman who is stoned, Soraya and her mother
      • Sohrab
        • Is the means for Amir's catharsis= Amir's way to "be good again"
          • Repitition of actions of Hassan to show the link and importance of Sohrab to the story of Hassan and Amir
            • Pelting rocks at Asseff with the sling shot & the link to kite running at the end of the novel
    • Structure
      • Flashbacks
        • The **** scene is fragmented with memories of sacrificial festivals they celebrated as children
      • Retrospective
        • Creates sense of foreshadowing of later events
          • is that why he thinks his father hates him? because he now knows why his father treated him that way??
      • Purpose (for the narrator) is to achieve catharsis
        • "Its wrong what they say about the past, I've learned, about how you can bury it. Because the past claws its way out."
      • "I opened my mouth, almost said something. Almost. The rest of my life might have turned out differently if I had. But I didnt."
    • Narative voice
      • Main narrator = Amir
        • First person, bias voice
        • Completely written when  Amir (40yrs) is older = retrospectively, but does reffer and flash back to his childhood
      • Chapter 16- Rahim Khan narrates
        • Untitled
      • Epistolary = letter from Hassan
        • Not only to we discover uneffected (by Amir's opinion) information but this is also links to how we was illiterate as a child
    • setting
      • America
        • Shows the failure of the American Dream
          • Their ideals of America had been building up from his childhood when his dad owned the American car. but now his dad struggles in America and doesnt really, truely fit in
          • Grass is greener effect? now his dad holds onto his Afghan side by being part of that big comunity
      • Afghanistan
        • Then- 1970/80s
          • Pure white snow= then tainted by the blood of Hassan's ****
          • Bright colours of Kites= kites being a motif
        • now 2001
      • Natural imagery


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