participent as an individual

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  • The participent as an individual
    • Factors affecting the participent
      • flexibility
      • strength
      • oxygen capacity
      • skill
      • recovery time
      • bone structure
        • females are more prone to osteoperosis so their bone density is decreased
    • disabled sport
      • adaptation
        • sports must be adapted - rule changes- pitch size and 2 bounces
      • access
        • disabled people need to be able to get into the facilit
      • parking
        • parking closer to the facility
      • provision
        • there needs to be places for disabled people
    • somatotypes
      • ectomorph
        • tall, thin , low fat and muscle
        • marathon runner
      • endomorph
        • dumpy, pearshaped, wide shoulders and hips
        • rugby
      • Mesomorph
        • muscular, wedge shape, broad shoulders, low body fat
        • swimming
    • environment
      • wet conditions make it harder to grip the floor and ball when running or passing in sport
      • if it is hot and sunnty people can get tired easier and it makes it harder for batmen in cricket to concentrate for long periods of time
      • pollution makes breating harder for athletes
      • altitude
        • less oxygen at altitude so a performer would have to breathe faster to get oxygen to muscles
    • risk and challenge
      • challenge
        • test of your ability in a demanding situeation
      • risk
        • the possibillity of suffering harm loss or danger


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