plant communication

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  • How plants communicate using chemicals.
    • Plants communicate with insects
      • some plants have evolved a survival strategy that involves the chemical equivalent of sending out a distress call
    • Plants have memories
      • Certainly plants don't "remember" the way humans do, but a group of researchers discovered that plants learn to associate various wavelengths of light with different kinds of danger
    • Plants create communication networks
      • Plants don't just yell for insect help when attacked — they also warn each other of impending doom. Strawberry, clover, and other ground plants grow by sending out "runners," horizontal stems that eventually bud into their own plants
    • Plants grow differently in response to sound
      • Australia biologist Monica Gagliano found that corn plants could emit and respond to sound. Gagliano noticed that the roots of corn plants made clicking noises at around 220 Hz
    • Plants measure time
      • Scientists have recently identified a set of proteins in plants that respond to the amount of light they're exposed to during the day. When they receive enough light per 24 hour period, these proteins send a signal that activates the flowering cycle
    • Plants know up from down
      • No matter how they are positioned, plants will aim their roots downward, into the ground. It's likely that they sense gravity, just the way their ambulatory cohorts do.


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