The Four Noble Truth

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  • The Four Noble Truths
    • The Second Noble Truth
      • The cause of suffering whihc is Tanah
    • The First Noble Turth
      • The truth of suffering (Dukkha)
    • The Third Noble Truth
      • The thruth of the cessation (end) of suffering which is Nirvana
    • The Fourth Noble Truth
      • The truth  of the path to the cessation of suffering  which is the eigthfold path
    • Tanha
      • Three types of Tanha
        • Kama Tanha
          • Sensuality or sensual pleasure/ objects
          • E.g. wanting sex
          • E.g. Wanting an ipad
        • Bhava Tanha
          • Beocming or Existence itself (the desire to be someone else)
          • E.g. Not wanitng to die
          • E.g. Wanting to be famous
        • Vibhava Tanaha
          • No beocming or non-existance or extermination
          • E.g. wishing you were not born
          • E.g. Craving to be skinny (anorexic)
      • This is Craving for anything
    • How Tanha leads to suffering
      • Drive/ instinct
      • Tanha and Anicca
      • Tanha and Anatta
      • Emotion caused by Tanha
      • Tanha = Karma which leads to rebirth
    • Arhat or Arhant
      • Is a person that is enlightened
    • Nirvana
      • Freedom from Samsara, whihc means leaving Samsara to place free form Dukkha
      • Four ways thta Nivrana is descirbed
        • Negative ways
          • E.g No suffeirng
          • E.g. No rebirth
        • Positive description
          • E.g. Perfect
          • E.g. Heavenly
        • Symbolic description
          • That it is just a metaphors to help us to understand the impossible
        • Paradoxical description
          • Samsara and Nirvana are the same thing
    • The Doctor Analogy
      • The Buddha is described as a doctor in this teaching
        • The first Noble turth - Doctor assesses a patient as the Buddha assesses life (Dukkha)
        • The Seocnd Noble truth - Docotr diagnoses the cause of the prolbme as the Buddha diagnoses the cause of Dukkha in life (Tanha)
        • The Third Noble Truth - the Docotr offers hope of a cure as the Buddha offers hope that Dukkha in life can be cured (Nirvana)
        • The Fourth Noble Truth - the Docotr offers treatment as the Buddha offers a treatment for the ending of Dukkha in the eightfold path
    • The poison arrow story
      • One day a man was shoot in the eye with a poison arrow, he went to the hosptial and wouldn't get treatment until he know a lot of answer to quesiton such as what wood was the arrow?, who it was? etc. so he died
      • This show thta you shouldn't ask piontless question  just following the eightofld path which is the treatment to get out of Samsara
    • Two path to get to Nirvana
      • Theravada
      • Mahayana
        • Enlightenment = Bodhisattvas = complete Buddha hood (full enlightenment/ Nirvana)


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