Mahayana scriptures (sutras)

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There are many Mahayana scriptures teaching somewhat different doctrines, but all are portrayed as the genuine word of the Buddha. Both Chinese and Tibetan canons contain sections of sutras known as the Prajnaparamita (Perfect Wisdom) and two of the most famous Prajnaparamita sutras are the Heart Sutra and the Diamond Sutra

Heart Sutra

  • Shows the limits of reasoning - if we read it, it does not make any sense
  • It is a sutra about non-rational wisdom; when we read it, it reaches beyond our usual conceptions
  • It represents a very condensed contemplation manual: it is not just something to be read or recited, but the intention is to contemplate its meaning in as detailed way as possible
  • It conveys the heart essence of prajnaparamita - it is like a brief


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