The Expression of Conflict

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  • The Expression of Conflict
    • Non-Violent
      • Does not involve force or armed struggles - statements are made by word, sign, marching or silent protest.
      • CASE STUDY: Ukraine
    • Political
      • Groups operating in a country who seek to acquire and exert political power through government.
      • CASE STUDY: Scotland
    • Terrorism
      • The use of fear among the public as a way of trying to force the authorities into action.
      • CASE STUDY: 9/11 7/7
    • Insurrection
      • An act of revolt against civil authority or an established government, usually involving rebellion against the rule of that government.
      • CASE STUDY: Arab Spring
    • War
      • A state of open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations.
      • CASE STUDY: Sudan/Afghan
    • Different forms of conflict can be resolved by differing means.
    • The expression of conflict can resolve the conflict.


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