The Civil War Contenders

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  • The Civil War 1918-1921
    • The White Army
      • Wanted a return to the Tsarist regime- mainly aristocrats and monarchists
      • Were formed under General Kornilov and based in Southern Russia
      • In 1918 the Allies stayed on after the First World War to fight against Lenin's revolutionary government.
    • The Red Army
      • Organised and led by Trotsky. Visited the troops often to motivate them.
      • Supported Lenin and his revolution.
      • Very efficient and well organised. Had War Communism for weapons. Used the Cheka on opponents.
    • Nationalists
      • Czech Legion 1917- Austro-Hungarian POW mainly Czech and Slovakian. Wanted their own national state.
      • Polish Legion 1919- took Kiev. Red Army chased them back hoping they'd join them. Poland stood against them and was given a large part of Belorussia
      • The Finns fought for independence just like the Polish and Ukrainians.
    • The Green Army
      • Opposed both The Whites and The Reds.
      • Wanted power to be handed to local organisations of peasants.


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