Vietnam War Chapter 8:

Chapter 8, Basically The Ending Of The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War 11: US Failure and Withdrawel 1968

  • 1968 was a turning point in the Vietnam War, under Johnson as the USA increased commitment to South Vietnam, by doing this the Government of South Vietnam had been saved.

However, 15,000 americans had already died.

  • 1968, The Vietcong launchd the Tet offenecive against the South, which lead to the USA to re-evaluate it's commitment to Vietnam.
  • Also pushed the government to consider whether the human and finical cost of the war was worth it.

Victory over the communist was beginning to look unobtainable.

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Why Was US Involvement In The Vietnam War Unsucces

What Was The Significants Of The Tet Offensive?

  • North.V chose the Viemanease New Year to launch suprise attacks against the South, Over 35 towns and cities were hit. This was meant to put pressure on the Americans to negoitate a settlement to leave Vietnam.
  • Was also ment to encourage the people living under the rule of the South to otherthow it's goverment.
  • The Communist launched a force of 80,000 troops against the South, but after 3 days of heavy bombing they were driven back.
  • The Tet Offensive was a sever military defeat for the Communists.
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Part 2:Why Was US Involvement In The Vietnam War U

What Was The Significants Of The Tet Offensive?

  • Public opinion in the USA became more disenchated.
  • Vietcongs attack on the US embassy indicated that nowhere was safe from Communism.
  • Key issue in US politics during What was an Election year.
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Part 3:Why Was US Involvement In The Vietnam War U

The 1968 President Elections

  • Johnson was to be up for re-election 1968, and this same time Johnsons adviosrs argued for a withdrawl from Vietnam

However! Johnson announced he would not be seeking re-election, and would then leave those in field who wish to stand against US particpation in the war.

  • There were 2 close contenders Eugene McCarthy Whom was an anti-war voice, and Vice-President Hurbert Humphrey who offered continuity, While Richard Nixon won the war.
  • Off which Humphrey Won the Democratic vote, at this time Anti-war protestor quickly attacked.
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Part 4:Why Was US Involvement In The Vietnam War U

Nixon And 'Vietnamisation'

  • Nixon had pleged "End the war, and win the Peace" As he too did not want to loose the war in Vietnam.

However... By doing this he faced an increasingly vocal and violent anti-war movement, and those Americans who supported the war, were unwilling to contemeplate greater involvement.

  • So, support from US allies for it's involvement were limited.
  • Britain also refused to send soldiers, While French leads were highly critical of US policy, Twaiwan one of the USA's best Allies sent less than 30 soldiers to Vietnam. While Australian government started withdrawing groups in 1970.
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Part 5: Why Was US Involvement In The Vietnam War

Part 2: Nixon and 'Vietnamisation'

  • Nixons soultion to this problem was 'Vietnamisation' which involved intense training and supplying arms to South.V, Objectives still remained the same, but methods changed, Vietnam was also to be supplied wit US's superior technolog and Air cover.

...It still failed.

  • Nixon had failed to understand the true nature of the war.
  • South V was now becoming, more and more, an army without a country.
  • 'Vietnamisation' had little to offer the people, and the new military hardware just reinforced the fact that tey were under a military dictorship.
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Part 5:Why Was US Involvement In The Vietnam War U

Part 3: Nixon And 'Vieatnamisation'

  • All opponents could be labelled communists and by 1971 over 40,000 political 'opponents' were killed.
  • While all else was failing Nixon, decided to extend the war into Cambodia in 1970, troops invaded the Objective was to root out Vietcong bases operating in the area.

...This caused a Civil War out break in Cambodia.

  • The US dominated this war by it's Cold War attitude.
  • Victory for the communists under Pol Pot led to the genocide of over 3 Million people.
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