Contenders for Power after Lenin's death

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Contender Background Revolutionary Relationship with Lenin Appeal within th
Trotsky Born in 1879 to a Reputation as Early relationship with Lenin was Heroism in 1917
relatively well-off revolutionary turbulent and these struggles Revolution mean
Jewish family of established in 1905 continued until 1917. When he young Communi
farmers. Joined a revolution. Leading returned to Russia in the summer of the Red Army w
revolutionary figure in St 1917 he joined Communists and was to him. His time
group at the turn Petersburg Soviet of able to work closely with Lenin. In New York and Lo
of the century, but November. Won civil was saw eye to eye with made him very w
soon exiled due to support of restoring discipline to Red Army. he was also the
political radicalism. Communists in 1917 Trotsky acted as Lenin's principle urban. This mea
Joined Lenin and October Revolution Lieutenant and despite some have enemies in
other Marxists in planning. disagreements Lenin saw him as a Party. People als
1902. Masterminded the good Communist. In his testament disliked his beca
Communist seizure Lenin said about Trotsky `the most joined the Party
of power and was able man present in the Central Lenin still gave h
then responsible for Committee' but noted his `too high position.
consolidating far-reaching self-confidence' i.e.
Communist rule. arrogance.
Stalin Born in 1879 to a Committee member First record of meeting in 1905. He had power to
family of Georgian in October Lenin relied on Stalin's advance the care
peasants. Revolution and administrative and loyalty. Before those within the
Educated in local carried out orders Lenin was ill Stalin was careful to Communist Part
religious school - rather than handing back him on controversial issues, but Trotsky and Buk
was going to them out. Accepted opposed him once he became ill. appeared the vo
become a priest. Trotsky's authority in Lenin was very critical of Stalin on his calm moderation
He continued his civil war. He never testament and expressed concern unlike other con
education in Tbilisi distinguished himself Stalin had `concentrated an for power, Stalin
and there as a revolutionary enormous power in his hand' and prepared to app
converted to hero but by 1921 he didn't use it wisely. He urged other the national prid
Marxism. Joined secured a place in members to get rid of Stalin and find those who sough
Party in 1902 and the highest level of someone else. However, he did lead.
became member government. realise that along with Trotsky, he
of central was one of the most `able figures in
committee in the Central Committee.
Bukharin Born in 1888 ­ A leading light in He admired Lenin. In 1916 wrote to His appeal was s
youngest of Moscow Communist Lenin `I have the greatest respect in 1921 a foreign
Lenin's potential Party in 1917 and his for you and look on you as my to Moscow claim
heirs. Parents radicalism inspired revolutionary teacher and love you.' Bukharin was `na
were teachers. He his compatriots to Lenin referred to Bukharin as the Russia as the eve
joined the seize power in `golden boy' of the Communist successor on Len
communists in Moscow. During civil Party. Did not agree on everything Bukharin's reput
1906 and in the war wrote for though, in civil was Bukharin was honesty, fairnes
same year magazine Prada more left wing. But afterward incorruptibility n
organised a strike which showed his embraced Lenin's NEP. In Lenin's explained why h
in a boot factory. revolutionary zeal testament he wrote Bukharin was very attractive a
Escaped from and also encouraged `the favourite of the whole Party'. member of the P

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Russia in 1910 and German Communists However, he had serious
met Lenin in exile to rise up. reservations about his stills as a
two years later. theorist.
Zinoviev Born in 1883 as Undoubtedly short During exile he worked on a number The least appeal
was the son of a on the revolutionary of books and pamphlets with Lenin contender for po
Jewish dairy heroism. In October and they returned to Russia in April He was only real
farmer. He was 1917, he opposed 1917.…read more


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