The Power Struggle

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Contenders in the Power Struggle


Lenin's Testament: highly critical of workers and peasants who he was the head of-> remove from power: "concentrated an enormous power in his hand" , most able figure of central committee. Unlimited authority.

Relationship with Lenin: First meeting (1905) Lenin relied on Stalin's administrative ability + loyalty "that wonderful georgian". When Lenin became ill, Stalin began to oppose him.

Party Appeal:Had power to advance careers of those in the communist party as a result of bureaucratic positions. It was the voice of calm moderation - prepared to appeal for national pride of those he sought to lead. 

Party + Government Powerbase: 

  • Head of the Secretariat, responsible for party bureaucracy, responsible for implementing politburo decisions. Can manipulate ideas/hide information. Head of Central control commission set by Lenin in 1921 . Power to remove people who disagreed with him.
  • Sovnarkon with Trotsky. Commissor for nationalities - oversaw affairs with non-russians (50% of population). Power to gain loyalty. When the


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