The second new deal

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  • The 2nd New Deal
    • Focused on social welfare
    • The Wagner Act 1935
    • The Social Security Act
      • Old age pensions introduced, Americans over 65 received a gov pension
      • Plan for unemployment benefit
        • Both employers and employees paid into a fund so the worker received a small amount of unemployment benefit if lost their job
      • Set up schemes to help sick and disabled
    • The Works Progress Administration 1935 WPA
      • Like the PWA but created work for actors, artists, photographers and musicians
    • The Resettlement Administration 1935 and Farm Security Administration 1927
      • RA helped sharecroppers, tenants or farm workers
      • Aimed to move 500,000 families to better land and resettle them in a new house
      • FSA replaced RA gave loans to sharecroppers and tenant farmers to buy their own land
      • FSA set up labour camps which helped migrant farm workers to live in better conditions


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