The New Deal

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  • The New Deal
    • Confidence had to be restored in banking and finance
      • Banks reopened Emergency Banking Act
      • Laws introduced to insure deposits and limit speculation
      • Stock market to be monitored closely
      • 8 days after inauguration gave radio broadcasts fireside chats explained actions
    • Hundred Days
      • First period of Roosevelts term in office
      • Federal agencies 'alphabet agencies'
      • Helping the farmers
        • Farm Credit Administration FCA
          • Loans to 1/5 of all farmers to not lose farms
        • Agricultural Adjustment Agency AAA
          • paid farmers to limit farm production
          • Raised prices and increased incomes
          • Helped farmers modernise and rebuild their businesses - machinery
      • Work for unemployed
        • Civilian Conservation Crops CCC
          • Jobs to single men under 25
          • Work mainly in forestry, water and soil convention projects
          • Most of wages sent home to parents, got food and clothing
          • Nearly 3 million helped
        • Civilian Works Administration CWA
          • give as many jobs to people as could, jobs such as sweeping leaves in part - something to do
        • Public Works Administration PWA
          • Provided work building roads, bridges, hospitals, schools and housing
      • Helping the needy
        • Federal Emergency Relief Act FERA
          • Made $500m available to state and local gov for emergency relief
          • Used to give direct assistance to the poor, soup kitchens
        • Home Owners Loan Corporations HOLC
          • Loaned money to over a million people to prevent them from losing their homes
      • Helping industry
        • National Recovery Administration NRA
          • Increase workers wage
          • Improve working conditions
          • Outlawed child labour
    • Problems
      • Some agencies gave out money too slowly
      • Stricter regulations on working conditions hurt small businesses and farmers
    • TVA
      • Poorest region, over cultivation led to soil erosion
      • Construction projects
        • Built large number of dams to prevent flooding and to provide irrigation, trees planted to prevent soil erosion
        • Construct power stations brought electricity to area
      • Huge improvement in regions economy, brought jobs


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