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  • Opposition to the New Deal
    • Not gone far enough
      • Heuy Long -governor of Louisiana. supported nd but by 1934 though it ddnt do enough
        • Share your Wealth scheme, wanted to tax rich and give money to poor
          • Claimed it would give every family an income of $5000 a year
            • Families spend money and this would create a bigger demand for goods and services and therefore more jobs
              • Planed to stand against FDR in 1936 presidential election but assassinated in 1935
                • Promised minimum wage and pensions for over 60
      • Dr Francis Townsend
        • Recommend a plan by which every American over 60 given pension of $200 a month
          • Condition had to spend within one moth and give up their jobs
            • Provide jobs for young people and create demand for goods
      • Father Coughlin
        • Broadcast ideas on radio - accused Roosevelt of failing to tackle problems of the poor
          • Set up National Union for Social Justice attracted millions of members however ideas were rather confused
            • Audience faded by 1940
    • Gone too far
      • Republicans
        • Roosevelt behaving like a dictator
        • Made Americans too dependent on gov for help
        • Wrong for gov to create work and give Americans pensions and sickness benefit
        • Waste of money WPA paying to do unnecessary jobs
      • Businessmen
        • Angry allowed trade unions into workplace
        • Unnecessary gov interference
        • 1934 set up Liberty League to oppose ND
      • Rich
        • Wrong to tax rich to pay for ND
        • Earned wealth through own efforts and enterprise
        • By taxing discourage them from wishing to create more wealth
        • Strong capitalist view
    • Supreme Court
      • Republicans who opposed
      • NRA unconstitutional
        • Sick Chickens Case - Schechter Poulty Corporation broke NRA regulations as sold diseased chickens to humans, filed false sales claims
        • Illegal
      • Roosevelt asked congress to give him power to appoint 6 new judges to court who he knew would be more sympathetic to nd
        • Americans felt violation of constitution and Roosevelt forced to back down


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