The Three R's (catering)

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  • The Three R's
    • Reduce
      • Unhealthy food, reduce the amount of fat, sugar and salt in dishes as too many of these can lead to heart disease, diabetes, obesity.
        • This causes pressure on the health service.
      • Reduce portion sizes or have a choice of portion size in a menu so the customer decides how hungry they are.
    • Reuse
      • Taking an existing product that has become waste and using it for another purpose without processing it.
      • Left over food
        • Left over roast beef could be used to make cottage pie.
        • Left over chicken could be used to make a curry.
      • Reuse towels more than once, this will save energy and water.
    • Recycle
      • An existing product is reprocessed into a new product.
      • Food packaging accounts for more than 60% of the total packaging used in this country.
      • There are 4 main materials
        • Paper- Easily printed on, lightweight, recyclable but weak when wet.
        • Glass- Easily printed on, recyclable but easily broken.
        • Metal- Recyclable, storage, rigid but must be coated inside to prevent reaction with food.
        • Plastic- Strong, flexible, lightweight but not easily recycled.


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