The Teachings Of Jesus by Reid G. and Tyler S.

All you need to know about text 7 of Unit 4 of Edexcel's Religious Studies A Level course - "The Teachings of Jesus" by Reid G. and Tyler S. This text has not yet appeared in the Unit 4 exam and so is a likely contender for June 2017!

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  • "The Teachings of Jesus" Reid G. and Tyler S.
    • Summary
      • The Parables of the Kingdom show how the Kingdom of God is "now but not yet". Universal salvation shows who it is for.
      • The Sermon on the Plain speaks of agape love as people need to "love their enemies".
      • Wealth can cause idolatry and keep people separate from the Kingdom of God.
      • Spiritual poverty: God's grace, not riches, gets us into the Kingdom of God and Heaven.
      • Prayer shows our dependency on God. Praise is response to forgiveness and salvation.
      • Salvation is available to all through the torn Temple curtain. The barrier between God and humanity is destroyed.
      • Eschatology: The Parousia and Jesus fulfilling scripture.
    • Links to Unit 3
      • Who the Kingdom of God is for, challenges, salvation and eschatology.
      • Purpose: Universal salvation, outcasts, the spiritually "poor", etc.
      • Conflict: Jesus' teachings led to conflict with the religious authorities, especially regarding universal salvation. Disciples must be willing to give up things for God if asked.
      • Jesus' Passion Predictions show how he had to die in order for salvation to take place.
    • Links to Other Units
      • Situation Ethics: Agape love shows how we have to love the unlovable such as outcasts.
      • Divine Command Ethics shows how we should follow Jesus' teachings as they teach us the truth about God, guide us, and help us to decide what is moral or immoral.
      • Religious Experience: Conversion experiences have led to disciples.
      • Why does an omnipotent and omni - benevolent God allow evil and suffering?
      • Utilitarianism shows how we must do the greatest good for the greatest number.
      • Religion and Morality: A relationship with God makes you moral.
    • Links to Religion and Human Experience
      • Love in relationships today shows universal salvation, but must be selfless and unconditional
      • Do Christians today reflect Jesus' description of discipleship?
      • Has materialism become an idol to the Western World?
      • Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount "blessed are those who are persecuted". Clearly true believers and will one day be rewarded for their faithfulness. Why die for a lie?
      • Realised eschatology proves Jesus was more than just a man as his miracles displayed authority and power, proving he was the Messiah and holds out hope for Christians.


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