Jesus teacher and liberator

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  • Jesus Christ
    • teacher of wisdom
      • Tolstoy
        • The Kingdom of God is within you
        • the most important part of Jesus' life was his teachings
        • religion is about activley following teachings not worship
        • Gospel in brief
      • Ludwig Wittgenstein
        • read Gospel in brief
        • didn't think the point of Christianity was to go to heaven but to follow teachings
        • genuine figurehead of Christianity (Jesus)
        • Philosophical Investigations
      • John Hick
        • Jesus of Nazareth did not teach or apparently believe that he was Son of God
        • Jesus was a teacher but the Son of God metaphorically
          • this solves problems of being fully human and fully divine
      • typical views of Jesus
        • C.S Lewis 'you must make your choice
        • Deitrich Bonhoeffer 'we belong to him because we are in him' Son of God is everywhere
        • Thomas Herbert Bindley 'truly God and truly man'
        • Philip Schaff - Jesus is perfect and SOG . divine and human 'two natures
      • 'Jesus was a great moral teacher' Richard Dawkins
        • N.T Wright - Jesus offered a fresh interpretation f scriptural tradition
    • Jesus The Liberator
      • SGF Brandon
        • depiction of Jesus has changed over time.
        • a politically driven freedom fighter but is made out to be a neutral pacifist
        • biased to exploited members of society
      • Gustavo Gutierrez
        • founder of liberation theology - mainly in south America
        • i define my neighbour as the one i look out for , on the highways and byways
      • Zealots
        • first century Jewish terrorists using violent means
          • Simon the Zealot was one of the Apostles
        • could be seen as Jesus supporting political violence
          • though ' it is not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick'
      • 'i did not come to bring peace but a sword'
      • James Cone
        • Jesus was ontologically black  - jesus chose to be marginalised, in the same way black people are
        • crucifixion and lynching
        • Christianity and Black Power
      • Camilo Torres Respero
        • Colombian priest who sided with the communists and guerilla group
        • 'the liberation which Jesus offers is universal and integral
      • Pope Benedict disagreed, but Francis agrees with peaceful liberation theology


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