Jesus law and Ethics

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  • Law and Ethics
    • Key feature of Jesus' ethics and his attitude to Jewish law
      • Perfection and holiness
      • Eschatological Reward and Punishment
      • The love command
    • Place of love, righteousness and forgiveness in Jesus Teachings
      • Love- The love Command
      • Rightousness
      • Forgiveness
    • How Jesus is presented as a teacher in the synoptic gospel
      • Luke
      • Mark
      • Matthew
    • Jesus' teaching in relation to Jewish Law.
      • Areas on which Jesus provoked debate on traditional religious observance.
        • Marriage and Divorce (Mark 10:1-10)
        • Law and riches (Mark 10:17-31)
        • On food laws (Mark 2:14-19)
        • Picking of grains on the sabbath (mark 2:22-28)


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