Theology and Teaching in the Parable of the Sower AO1

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  • Theology and Teaching in the Parable of the Sower (Possible AO1)
    • Jesus will make the Kingdom of God available
      • Must show discipleship - listen and act upon Jesus' words
        • Not available for all - some become tempted by Satan (seeds taken by birds)
      • Available now
        • Realised Eschatology
      • Growth of K of G shown by abundant harvest
    • Jesus has authority: "Listen" - commanded the attention of the crowd
    • Promises an abundant harvest at the end - symbolic of K of G
    • Jesus is human growing impatient with the disciples and belittling them
      • "How will you understand any parable"
    • Large crowd = popularity of Jesus
      • "The crowd that gathered round him was so large"
    • Jesus was an experienced teacher
      • "Taught them many things... in his teaching he said"
    • Christians were being persecuted and their faith challenged
      • This parable teaches Jesus would encourage them to stay strong and the K of G will triumph eventually
    • Universalism
    • A. M. Hunter: " ringing reassurance and encouragement for the faint-hearted disciples"


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