The Strength and Weaknesses of Royalists and Parliamentarians

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  • The Strength & Weaknesses of Royalists and Parliament
    • Royalist Strengths
      • Men fought for the crown as a tradition
      • Some very wealthy supporters like Newcastle and Worcester
      • Supporters could sell land to fund Charles
      • Prince Rupert - Charles' nephew - was an experienced cavalry leader
      • Had very experienced generals on their side
    • Royalist weaknesses
      • controlled the North and West, which were less wealthy
      • contributions from supporters stopped when they had no more land to sell
      • Prince Rupert's relationship with other generals was shaky
      • Found it hard to recruit troops
      • loyalty of militias was not reliable
    • Parliament Strengths
      • inspired men through religion
      • controlled the more prosperous south and east = more taxes
      • Held London
      • Controlled the Navy so they could prevent supplies reaching Charles
      • had experienced generals like Essex and Waller
      • could hope to form an alliance with the Scots
    • Parliament weakness
      • London was not easy to control
      • some unwillingness to aim for total defeat
      • religious divisions
      • loyalty of militias was not reliable
    • How the Country Divided
      • militias wanted to stay in the own counties
      • spilt roughly evenly
      • many declared neutrality to protect themselves + land from the destruction of war


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