Spanish Armada

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  • The Spanish  Armada
    • Why invade?
      • Pope's excommunication of Elizabeth, and promised absolution for those taking part
      • Provocation: Drake's raid on Spanish loan, Elizabeth's support for Dutch- Treaty of Nonsuch, 1585 (supporting enemies)
      • Oppurtunity: Treaty of Joinville, 1584- Meant France would help and form powerful alliance with Spain and would help each other. Meant Philip could justify support
      • Circumstance: Elizabeth's hesitation to assist the dutch rebels made Philip assume her weakness. 25 years of hesitatiion
      • Consequences of Armada
        • Propaganda Victory highlighting Elizabeths' power as a female ruler
          • Showed power of the British Navy- more confidence to trade and explore
        • Great Parade in London and "God blew, they were scattered" showing God was in favour of Protestantism
        • Survived attack from more powerful enemy
        • Anglo- Dutch  alliance was strengthened
        • Begin of decline is Spain's fortunes
    • Events
      • Plan . Duke of Medinia Sidonia meant to travel through English channel will meet Duke of Parma to meet, join forces and overthrow Elizabeth
      • 29 July: Armada spotted in English channel
      • 31 July: Battle of Plymouth, two Spanish ships captured
      • 3-4 August: Battle of Isle of Wight: Spanish ships outgunned by English. Forced to keep moving up the channel
      • 8th of August: Battle of Gravelines. Fireships cause Spanish to panic. The fleet links up with Duke of Parma is scattered by fireships


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