The Spanish Armada

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  • The Spanish Armada
    • The Plan
      • To invade England because Elizabeth had Mary Queen of Scots excecuted
      • He sent an Armada (navy/army) of 130 ships to the Netherlands (Poland) to pick up 30,000 Spanish Troops
      • However, the Armada was delayed by an English attack in 1587 by Sir Francis Drake, when he circumnavigated around the world and destoryed over 100 Spanish ships
    • The Battle
      • In 1588, the Armada finally set sail
      • When the Armada reached Calais, the English used fireships to scatter the Spanish fleet and then attack it
      • The Armada was forced to abandon its invasion attempt and was destroyed by storms that Philip caled them the 'Protestant Storms'
    • Elizabeth
      • She had a portrait painted to publisise her 'famous victory' = The Spanish Armada victory!
    • What does it represent?
      • It represtents the long struggle between Protestant England and Catholic Spain
      • However: Both English and Spanish historians believe that the Armada was the time when Spain's fortunes changed and England became great again
    • The Spanish's Weaknesses
      • They had to anchor on the Irish Shore
        • The Irish had looted their ships that left them with nothing
      • When the Spanish had set off they had bad weather
        • This caused the Spanish to have a lot of damaged ships
      • The Spanish leader had died before they had set sailed
        • That meant that they had to get a new leader
    • English's Strengths
      • Their ships were lighter and faster than te Spanish's ships
      • The English set out fireships to destoy the Spanish's ships
        • That made the Spanish lose formation in their ships
    • English's Weaknesses
      • When the English returned, half of them had died from disease
      • The English had to withdraw
        • Because they were tired and were running low on ammunition


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