the spanish armada

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  • the spanish armada
    • Phillip of spain launched 151 ships to invade england in 1588
      • phillip also had troops waiting in ireland
    • the armada was led by the duke of medina sidonia
    • the armada left in may but bad weather meant they didn't reach the english channel until july
    • in august the armada docked on the dutch coast where sir francis drake sent 8 fireships into the fleet
      • when the english arrived they damaged many spanish ships
        • this formed the battle of gravelines
          • after the battle of gravelines the duke turned around to go back to spain
            • they got caught up in a storm where only 65 ships made it back to spain
    • king phillip tried another two times after the 1st to attack but did not suceed
    • more catholics began to like elizabeth after the armada
    • the win of the spanish armada is why there is the golden age


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